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My website name starts with a number and I can't use it as cloud name


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  • Ranson

    Hello, I believe we've answered you over on the wordpress post you've made. However, for searchability, I'll copy the response we sent to you here as well.

    Below are the naming conventions that can be used for a cloud as well as public Ids:–Legal-naming-conventions

    Unfortunately, the name cannot begin with a number. You can probably rename it to something like
    “ninejamedica” if you prefer.

    Please note that because the cloud name is part of your asset delivery URLs, all existing URLs that include the old cloud name will stop working after the change, and you’ll need to update your application or website’s URL to use the new URL convention of:<new_cloud_name>/image/upload/sample.jpg

    You will also need to update your use of any SDKs, API calls, or plugins that reference the previous cloud name.

    Also, if you would like us to update your cloud name, please provide the Last.4 Characters of API Secret. But since this is a forum post,I would recommend that you create a support ticket at for security purposes.


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