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remote video upload from youtube/FB



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    Itay Taragano

    The reason the FaceBook video didn't work is that the URL included characters that are restricted by default by our system. I've now tweaked your account to support such characters and it's working now:

    The Youtube link isn't a URL to the video file, it's a URL to YouTube's webpage that displays the video, and therefore Cloudinary isn't able to fetch it.

  • Mans Angantyr


    Thanks Itay Taragano for tweaking the account settings!


    The remote video upload for facebook works well when tried with URL on a browser. However, when viewed on Cloudinary's Media Libary - it says "Failed to fetch remote resource".


    Please see the screenshot as below - 


  • Mans Angantyr

    Please ignore last comment...

    I guess video preview doesn't work on Cloudinary Media Library page because there is a token associated with every facebook asset (image, video, etc), and this token is only available for FB authenticated users.

    The video should play fine on any browser that has the valid auth token associated with the FB user.

  • Itay Taragano

    Thank you for the update, I'm glad it's working for you now :)


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