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Create folders with .net api



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    Shirly Manor

    When adding the folder name to the public id it will automatically generate the folder.

    For example when uploading an image using .Net and providing public id that including my_folder + `\` it will generate my_folder:

    var uploadParams = new ImageUploadParams()
      File = new FileDescription(@"c:\my_image.jpg"),
      PublicId = "my_folder/my_name"
    var uploadResult = cloudinary.Upload(uploadParams);

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    Itay Taragano

    When uploading an image to a folder using the API, this can automatically create the corresponding folder in your Media library.

    Make sure that the "Auto-create folders" option is enabled on your upload settings page, this will apply to all newly uploaded images.

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    How to create Customize Folder Through .net Api

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