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Using optional CloudinaryField in Django



  • Itay Taragano

    We'll be happy if you could please share some more information about this issue.


    • What is the full error message?
    • What is the stack trace?
    • Which versions of python and Django are you using?
    • Can you share some more specific reproduction steps?

    If you'd prefer, please feel free to open a support ticket and we'll handle that directly and privately.

  • Timos Kopsidas

    I use Django 1.10 and Python 3.5 but I tried also with Python 2.7.

    I will first explain some reproduction steps in detail:

    1. Use a CloudinaryField('image', blank=True, null=True) options for a model of yours.
    2. Upload a photo for this field, for an instance of your model.
    3. Try to clear the field, and save the instance without a photo for your CloudinaryField.

    The full error message in this case is here (link to avoid long post)



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