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Imagga and Rekognition Auto Tagging not showing up



  • Marissa Masangcay

    Hi Jordan,

    I do see that you've created an upload preset for your Media Library Uploading. It looks like you do have an image on your account with tags. You can view the tags in your Media Library when you click on a specific resource. So for example, when you click on an image you will see the tags appear next to the other image information as grey boxes with each tag listed in each box.

    As far as searching goes, you can use our Admin API to list resources by tag. You can read more about this in our documentation here:

    You can also generate a client-side list of resources by tag which you can read more about here:

    However, in order to better assist you and avoid giving out your information such as cloud name, resource names, etc. can you open a support ticket with us so we can further investigate tags being properly generated for your images? You can open a ticket here:


  • Jordan Merson

    Thanks Marissa,

    I am not seeing the tags on any of the current images in my media library. I did delete some images that I had hand tagged in order to test the search functionality. I am not sure if you have deeper access to my account and are seeing those (I don't see them anymore). 

    I took your suggestion and opened a ticket and will post the response/resolution here for others.


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