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Duplicate Images and View Images for a date range


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    Aditi Madan

    Hi Shelendra,

    Please note that we don't automatically detect duplicated images, we offer various tools for you to check for duplications on your end.

    1. If you want to restrict overriding images (i.e., uploading a new image that its public ID is already taken), then you can set the overwrite parameter to false at the upload call.
    2. If you want to check whether the new uploaded image was already uploaded to your account (under a different public ID), then every upload call also returns the etag parameter. It's the same ETag that will be returned when the resource is accessed, and can be used as a signature for the resource, then you can store it in your DB and compare it with the list of ETags you already stored.
    3. We support returning the PHash value of images to check for similar images, for more information -

    Listing images by date range is on our roadmap, meanwhile, you can use our Admin API to list all your resources, and filter/sort the results on your end by date range. Note that in the Media library, the images are listed by created_at descending.

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