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Metadata and File Type support.




  • Bryce Newman

    In regards to 3 looks like I found some file types are supported, but what about postscript files(vector)?

  • Itai Lahan

    Hi Bryce,

    To answer your questions -

    1. How do I read,write, and delete metadata profiles like XMP, EXIF and IPTC?

    Cloudinary supports reading and stripping XMP, EXIF and IPTC information from images.

    You can read more about how to access an image metadata here. The blog post describes the "exif" flag. You can also use our newer "image_metadata" flag in its place for a more extended response.  

    Image meta-data is automatically stripped whenever Cloudinary applies a transformation on an image. You can use the "fl_keep_iptc" transformation flag to retain the metadata during transformations. If you want to strip the metadata from an original image, use any incoming transformation. We suggest using the "a_exif" flag as an incoming transformation so that the image will be rotated and oriented correctly before its metadata is stripped.

    Meta-data writing - while currently not supported, we'll be happy to hear what use case you have in mind and see how we can address it.

    2. How would I go about specifiing the IIC profile I want to use?

    Cloudinary generally strips ICC profile information during image transformations to save storage space. We'd love to hear more about your specific ICC-related requirements and figure out together how we can offer the best solutions for them.

    3. What file types do you support (for example jpeg, png, eps, postscript, gif, animated gif etc) for transformation from one to another file type?

    Cloudinary supports conversions from and to PNG, JPG, BMP, ICO, JPC and JP2. Cloudinary also offers special treatment to animated gifs (conversion, but also dynamic creation from separate images), TIFF and PDF (conversion, single page extraction and multi-page creation from separate images). EPS can be converted to any other format.

    Let me know if this helps?


    Itai Lahan, Cloudinary


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