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Uploading of video files



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  • Itay Taragano

    HI Tad.

    Non-image files, including video files, can be uploaded to all of our accounts, free and paid, and are handled as 'raw' files (

    Though you can upload all file types from both the API and the management console, currently the web interface of the management console's media library shows images only.

    You can use our admin API call in order to list your uploaded 'raw' files:

    Cloudinary::Api.resources(:resource_type => :raw)

    You can also get a single resource details based on a given public ID, for example:

    Cloudinary::Api.resource('rwkaliebnufp3bxyrvyo.wmv',:resource_type => :raw)

    For delivery, the returned public ID of the upload API call should be used.

    Here's a URL example , notice the '.../raw/upload...' :


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