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q_jpegmini tranformation problems



  • Itay Taragano

    Hi Andreas,

    The JPEG mini Addon requires your URL to be signed, Only URLs with a valid signature that matches the requested image manipulation will be approved for on-the-fly image manipulation and delivery.

    The  s--Q2hzuyWj-- part is the signature component, and is unique and is only valid to this specific image and for this specific account (the 'demo' account).

    The signature is a base64 encoding of a SHA1 digest of your image public ID and transformation string concatenated with the account's API secret. The signature is automatically generated by Cloudinary's client integration SDKs (by setting the sign_url parameter to true ).

    For more information:

  • Ryan McGeary

    I'm seeing a similar problem. Even with sign\_url set to true, I'm getting an HTTP 420 response when trying to set jpegmini compression. Without jpegmini compression, image transformations work as expected.

  • Ryan McGeary

    Nevermind. I didn't realize jpegmini was an add-on service. All better now.


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