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Effect on usage limits when sharing a cloud name



  • Itay Taragano

    You can indeed use a single cloud name for multiple sites, this way all sites will use that account's quotas.

    From our Advanced Extra plan, we support having our multi-accounts feature which allows you to manage up to five different accounts via a single login, where all accounts share the master account's usage quotas.

    Regarding your second question - your cloud name is included in all of your Cloudinary resources' URLs, e.g.,:

  • Apptimus

    In general, I find the relationship between an account and a cloud name to be a bit unclear.

    1. What exactly is a cloud name, besides being a URL segment? If that is all it is, then that would clarify some things, and probably answer the other questions.

    2. If I have multiple Free and Basic accounts sharing a single cloud name, will the quota be the sum of each account's quota?

    3. Similarly, if one account is Basic and another is Free, will the upload limits

    4. Does the cloud name belong to a single account, or is it really just an alias anyone can use?

  • Itay Taragano

    I hope the following will answer your questions:

    • Every cloud belongs to a single Account. A cloud can't be associated with more than one account.
    • An account may have one or more associated clouds.
    • Every cloud has a cloud_name which is used in various places (e.g., in URLs).
    • The limits are applied to the account. When multiple clouds are associated with a single account (supported from our Advanced Extra plan onward), all associated clouds share the quotas of the master account.
  • Apptimus

    Those clarifications are indeed very helpful, and they answer the questions I had. Thank you!


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