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Convert chained transformations



  • Nadav Ofir

    Hi Michael,

    Unfortunately there is no direct way of accomplishing this.
    A possible workaround:
    1. Separate the long url into 2 separate strings containing the public_id and the raw transformation respectively.
    2. Replace the quality param with a string search & replace (or just add a new quality (q_{value}) to the end of the url which will actually override any additional quality param already present in the url), and then sign it.

  • michael connors

    Thanks, I have split apart the URL but I am now looping through the parameters i the URL and creating an object in php to use cloudinary_url to sign the url for security. Is there an easy way to sign the url? I am trying something like this:


    $options = [
    'quality' => "jpegmini",
    'sign_url' => true,
    'transformation' => $transformations
    $cloudinary_url = cloudinary_url( $upload_url, $options );



  • Nadav Ofir

    URL signing is done based on the API_SECRET which shouldn't be placed on the client-side, therefore naturally our JS doesn't support this step. You can use the PHP DK to automatically generate signed-URLs or imitate the signature process as it's done here:

    Makes sense?


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