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Can´t upload an image to cloudinary



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    Roee Ben Ari

    Hi Daniel, 

    In order to better understand the issue, could you please share some more information:

    1. The code responsible for the error. 
    2. Full error stack-trace. 
    3. How to reproduce the issue?

    If you rather keep this confidential, please feel free to open a support ticket at

    In addition, maybe this SO thread will help?



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    Daniel Acevedo

    Thank you for taking your time Roee to see my problem. I managed to fix it, the problem was that i had an old version of Newtonsoft.Json and .Net was trying to open a recent version so what i did was to update the version in Manage Nuget Packages to de latest version and then it work.

    What it was strange was when i install de Cloudinary package it didn't update by itself the Newtonsoft.Json to the version that was trying to open.



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