getting "Server returned unexpected status code - 413" when uploading 150MB video


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    Aleksandar Kostadinov


    I see you've raised this with us directly via a ticket, but I'll also share the response here for reference.

    When uploading files, the maximum size of the request body can be 100MB. Any request that is larger than this would receive the 413 error you're seeing. To upload files larger than 100MB, these need to be sent in chunks.

    If you're using one of our SDKs, please check to make sure you are using the upload_large method for your uploads instead of the regular upload method. The upload_large method should be used for all files >100MB as it splits the file and uploads it in parts automatically for you.

    It takes the exact same parameters as the upload method and also optionally accepts a chunk_size (default 20MB).

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