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Image not displaying with f_auto parameter



  • Thermo

    and now after a 20 minutes its working again?  a glitch in the matrix?  Did cloudinary need to process the image?  Whats going on?

  • Ido


    Looking at our logs it seems that the image with the f_auto transformation was requested at 28th of July, 15:13:54 UTC while it was only uploaded at the same day at 15:14:35 - roughly 40 seconds after the first request

    The reason why that particular URL + transformation resulted in a 404 is that the URL (for the derived/transformed image) was accessed prior to the original image being uploaded and the 404 errors were cached.

    Cloudinary caches 4xx errors first for 1 minute, and each subsequent request for the same URL that results in the error doubles the expiry time up until it reaches 24 hours and then requests add an additional 24 hours to the expiry. Requesting URLs with different transformations (like removing f_auto from the transformation) will work as the error cache is only for that particular URL + transformation, using a different transformation once the original image is uploaded will work, e.g. adding a no-op transformation such as `a_0`.

    We have a support article which you can find here that also describes such cases.


    Let me know if that makes sense?


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