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    Raz Ziv

    Hi Diego,

    The sample images exist on every newly created account. This is to allow customers to experiment with a variety of images before they have any assets already uploaded to their accounts.

    With that being said, bandwidth and transformations aren't consumed by the samples just simply stored on the account, unless you actively request the images' URLs to be delivered and/or apply any transformations on them, which is of course, not mandatory. In addition, the samples' storage size isn't reflected in the account's storage utilization counter, and therefore, we do not charge for that as well.

    Moreover, if you don't want the sample images stored on your cloud, you can just simply delete them. However, if you do so, just kindly keep the image called `sample` that is located in your root folder. We sometimes use it to run tests on when you experience some issues and you need our help with the investigation process.

    I hope this clarifies the subject.


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