How to resize before uploading pictures in Django


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    Loic Verger Del Bove

    Hi Yiwei,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    If you want to add transformations during the upload, you will need to use the CloudinaryFileField class as mentioned here:

    This is our

    from django.db import models
    from cloudinary.models import CloudinaryField
    class Photo(models.Model):
      image = CloudinaryField('image')

    And this is our

    from django.forms import ModelForm      
    from cloudinary.forms import CloudinaryFileField      
    from .models import Photo
    class PhotoForm(ModelForm):
      class Meta:
        model = Photo
      image = CloudinaryFileField(
        attrs = { 'style': "margin-top: 30px" }, 
        options = { 
          'tags': "directly_uploaded",
          'crop': 'limit', 'width': 1000, 'height': 1000,
          'eager': [{ 'crop': 'fill', 'width': 150, 'height': 100 }]

    While the eager will create a 150x100px derived image, the transformation 'crop': 'limit', 'width': 1000, 'height': 1000 will resize the image to a 1000x1000px when saving it.

    Hope it helps.



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