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    Mo Ip

    Hi Keith,

    Looking at logs for your accounts, I see some errors with folder creation and in our logs, it looks like the parent folder of the folder you were trying to create didn't exist) - on your side, I think that would be shown as an unknown or general error.

    That shouldn't happen unless the web interface, which sends the command to create a new folder, doesn't have up-to-date information about the account, e.g. you opened a folder which was deleted by someone else, or you are logged in to a different subaccount than the one you were logged into when the page first loaded

    If you were using multiple tabs from the same browser window and changed subaccount without refreshing the other tabs, that could explain the error: in that case, the web interface would have tried to create the new folder in the most-recently-selected subaccount but would have sent information about the root folder of the subaccount you were logged into when that tab was last refreshed, causing an error

    I hope this helps.


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