Getting This page can’t be found when trying to download zip file via url


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    Eyal Katz Talmon

    Hey, thanks for reaching out!

    Based on a recent update to our security policies, we've restricted the ability of new free accounts to deliver PDFs and archive files like .zip or .rar. It's possible to upload and manage those files, and you can download them using our Media Library, but a restriction applies to deliver them publicly and you'll see an HTTP 404 error in that case.

    We can control and lift this restriction from specific accounts, but we also need to ensure that no malicious files are distributed through our service.

    If you'd like this restriction removed, may I please ask you to open a support ticket here, and share some details regarding the expected usage and origin of the archive files that you'll be uploading and delivering? In particular, please let us know in the support request who will be uploading these files, what the files contain, and whether you're generating the files yourself prior to uploading to Cloudinary or if they're provided by your users.


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