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Video transformations q_auto



  • Official comment
    Akshay Joshi

    Hi there,

    Your video is too large to process synchronously. You will have to use an eager transformation with eager_async=true to resolve this problem.
    You can follow the instructions in this link

    Let me know if it works.


  • Ant Productions

    Hi Akshay Joshi

    Im sorry but I cant seem to fix my problem, I have now set up an upload preset with eager async true, I have reuploaded my video etc. But it does not work, I am not very good with this and I have tried following the instructions you gave but I cant seem to fix it.

    This is what I get when I do an fetch of my data.

    and this is the error

    please help, I dont understand why it is not working

  • Loic Verger Del Bove

    Hi there, 

    May I ask you to share the link you are loading and leads to a 400 error?

    Normally, you will need to pass all the transformations parameter in the Eager Transformations parameter of your upload preset, not only q_auto and dpr_auto.

    Thanks in advance.




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