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  • Aleksandar Kostadinov

    Hi Krishan,

    I see you created a ticket directly with us via support where I responded earlier, however, I'll include some details in this thread in case it's helpful for other users with this question.

    We currently don't yet have a native Angular component for the Product Gallery Widget (PGW). Having said that, we are working on a new version of all our SDKs (2.0) which may include support for that. For the meantime, there is a small JSFiddle example ( of including the PGW source code and launching the PGW from within Angular.

  • krishan

    Hi thanks for fiddle.
    Can you please provide me setup doc aswell?
    Want to implement like this( ) in my project that expanded column 1 layout and related to this fiddle is more help me with doc in angular 2+

  • Eyal Katz Talmon

    Hey Krishan,

    Below is a working example of integrating the product gallery widget in Angular (2+) -

    Unfortunately, we currently do not have a documentation section specifically about integrating the widget with Angular, but I'll create an internal ticket for our documentation team to consider creating one.

    Since you have opened a support ticket with us as well (#142240), if that's alright with you, it would be much easier for us, if we continue the thread in the ticket.



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