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    Francis Tagbo

    Hi Ted,

    It's related to some of the metadata in the file that's added by Illustrator causing it to be detected as an illustrator file

    There are three options to work around this:

    • Allow the extension to be set as .ai when uploading, but use a .pdf extension when delivering the file 
    • Use an Incoming Transformation to set the format to PDF explicitly as part of the upload call (you can do also this in an Upload Preset if you're not using the API / SDK for your uploads)
    • We can change an account-level configuration to force the .PDF extension for these files 

    If you'd like us to change your account configuration for this please send a support request via this support center and include your account details. If you'd like some more information about the other options, please let me know (or send a support request and we'll follow up directly)



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