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    Eyal Katz Talmon

    Hey Reece, thanks for reaching out.

    It looks like you're trying to render an HTML file that is stored in Cloudinary inside of an iframe. 
    Cloudinary allows uploading static content such as CSS, HTML, and JS files, and serving those files via our worldwide CDN.

    However, for security reasons, HTML files are served along with the content-disposition header which forces it to download, so delivering your web pages isn't applicable with Cloudinary.

    By the way, looking at the logs, it seems that the file that you've mentioned (".../index_nttzpp.html"), has the delivery type of "upload". The triplet of delivery type, resource type (which is "raw" in that case), and public ID, serve as a unique identifier in a Cloudinary cloud. You cannot change the delivery type of an asset by simply requesting a different type - That is the reason you've received a 400 error.
    Additional details can be found here -

    Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any further questions.

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