Gif coming from cloudinary CDN works on desktop but shows broken image on mobile sizes



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    Raz Ziv

    Hey Dustin,

    Whenever you get a 4xx error returned from Cloudinary, it is best to search for the `x-cld-error` header for the error message stating why the request has failed.

    In your mobile scenario, you get an error message of "Maximum total number of pixels in all frames/pages is 50 Megapixels. Requested 88.39 Megapixels". This means that the pixels in all frames of the output (transformed) animation combined reach 88.39 Megapixels, while your account's limit is 50 Megapixels for this category.

    This seems to occur only on mobile, since the URL consist of dpr_2.0, which doubles the number of total pixels in every frame, so with the dpr_1 URL you probably get a ~44.2 Megapixels in all frames, which is still within the 50 Megapixels limit.

    If you are using our responsive attribute within the React component and you have set dpr="auto", then we choose the best DPR value possible that the client's device screen supports. You can remove the dpr attribute while retaining the width="auto" attribute, which I believe should resolve the issue for you.

    If you're still struggling with this, please open a direct support ticket at


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    Dustin Simensen

    Thank you for the detailed response. I'll switch off drp="auto" and see if it resolves the issue.

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