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Record and upload a video with the with the upload widget on desktop



  • Raya Straus

    Hi Ross,

    Currently, its only supported to take a photo using the camera option on our widget. Please see the following for more information-


  • Nishan Sothilingam

    Hi, any follow-up regarding this issue.


  • Stephen Doyle

    Hi Nishan,

    The Upload Widget still does not have the option to record a video inside the widget and we don't currently have any plans to add such a feature.

    As an alternative you nay be able to use our Live streaming option, where you can stream video to Cloudinary from the browser, (optionally) view that video while it's being streamed, and also store the result in your account as a video file that can be further managed and manipulated later 

    May I ask you to please take a look and see if that will work for you? If not, you could also stream from the user's device to your server, and then upload the result to Cloudinary when it's finished



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