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Why & When to use Upload widget v2



  • Ido

    Hi Ross,
    Thanks for your feedback. Upload Widget v2 introduces some cool functionality, such as improved mobile support, improved flexibility, and improved upload process control. V2 is backward compatible with v1. The only main exception is that the new version introduces a new UI customization methodology.
    In our previous versions of the Cloudinary Upload Widget, the customization was done by CSS. The main advantage of this approach was the flexibility it provided to our customers, but the approach introduced some major drawbacks, such as support challenges (many issues were raised and were hard or impossible to reproduce and solve, due to the extensive CSS customization done by users).

    The new customization approach introduces in Upload Widget v2, is based on an API call with the customization requests delivered as parameters. This approach enables many easy customizations, including colors, fonts, icons and more. The advantages of the new approach are:
    a. Much easier and faster to use
    b. Allows us to scale and add new functionality that is well supported, can be documented and provides stability for existing customers
    c. Provides customization capabilities similar to other widgets on the market and keeps a baseline UI design that we feel comfortable with.

    Upload Widget v2 will be publicly released on October 1st and the current Upload Widget v2 library is already the stable version.

    Upload Widget v1 will become deprecated in the coming months (exact date will be published soon) so we highly recommend using the new version.

    You could also check the below page which demonstrates the different customization capabilities

  • Ross

    Thanks, I can see how supporting the styles option would be an issue.

    I do however find v1 suits us better for a number of other reasons too, when you say it will become depreciated do you mean it will no longer work at all or just become unsupported?

    The reason I find v1 will suit our project better are:

    1. We only want the user to be able to upload one image at a time, it does not seem possible to disabled the upload more button.  Is this true?
    2. Ideally we would like to be able to control the background colour of the upload-widget-popup.

    Thanks for your help

  • Ross

    I've integrated v2 into our site and found that loads slower than v1.  I get the following warning in the browser console when I open the upload widget...

    [Violation] 'setTimeout' handler took 231ms     app.d4f64f4b3c19c43be591.js:1

  • Ido

    Thanks for letting us know.


    could you maybe share a screenshot or a snippet of your implementation so we could take a closer look?


    You could also open a request at in we could take a closer look at your specific environment.




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