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  • Ross

    I see it'a actually easy to change this on the setting > account page.  Although I see that you can still use the old cloud name in the public URL to view images.

    Does anyone know how long this would remain like this?

  • Stephen Doyle

    Hi Ross,

    As you've noted, it's possible for customers to change their own cloud name via the settings page, however, this is only true for accounts containing a very small number of resources, usually those which are quite new.

    For larger accounts, it's not possible to change the cloud name via the settings page and it requires our support team to perform the rename operation.

    If you ever need to rename your cloud but the self-service option isn't available for you, please submit a request using the support center at

    It's possible existing URLs will work for a short time after the cloud is renamed due to caching, but we recommend changing your URLs immediately after renaming the cloud.




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