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Trying to embed the player on a Wordpress page



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    Marc Barbry

    I finally got it to work.  Is there a way to adjust the volume using data-cld-transformation?  I tried "e_volume" like what is used in the URL parameters but it didn't work.

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    Marissa Masangcay

    Hi Marc,

    With the video player you would want to use the volume method to set the volume level. An example would look as follows:


    The values here range from 0 to 1. You can view this method and all other methods supported for the video player in our docs here:

    Hope this helps!

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    Scott Heliker

    Got this working with width only by adding it in the script area. Could not get width working in the video tag.


    I would like to only show the play button but not the rest of the controls. Is this possible?


    class="cld-video-player cld-video-player-skin-dark"
    data-cld-colors='{ "base": "#ffffff", "accent": "#FF3636", "text": "#FF3636" }'


    var cld ={ cloud_name: 'my_cloud_name' });
    var vplayer = cld.videoPlayer("example-player", {
    publicId: 'Video/bestmexican',
    loop: false,
    controls: true,
    autoplayMode: 'false',
    floatingWhenNotVisible: 'left',
    fontFace: 'Yatra One',
    transformation: { width: 600, crop: 'limit' },

    sourceTypes: ["hls", "mp4"]



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    Aditi Madan

    Hi Scott,

    Cloudinary uses Videojs and you can modify the CSS to hide the controls you don't need.

    This stack overflow link will be helpful:

    We don't have a way to hide the specific controls through the HTML tag.


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