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Destroying an authenticated file



  • Eric Pasos

    Hi there,

    Uploading authenticated assets in your account will have its `delivery type` set as `authenticated` instead of the default value of `upload`. In order for these assets to be deleted from your account, you will need to provide the optional parameter (i.e. type = "authenticated") in your destroy method or delete_resources method.

    For example: 

    cloudinary.uploader.destroy("sample.jpg", type = "authenticated")


    cloudinary.api.delete_resources("sample.jpg", type = "authenticated")
  • Christian

    I use


    to upload images, but what is the correct counterpart with which options if I want to use the destroy method?

  • Eric Pasos

    Hi Christian,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Assets that are uploaded into your account are provided with a public_id as the unique identifier. This asset can be deleted using the public_id through the Upload API destroy method or the Admin API delete resources method.

    Looking for the uploader.single() in any of the Cloudinary SDK API, I am not able to locate it (or, that I am not fully aware of). Hence, I'm assuming it is a custom implementation that wraps one of the Cloudinary SDK's upload methods.

    In order to be able to assess your query, may I request your code implementation for uploader.single()? So that we could provide you the exact methods and parameters to be used when deleting your asset.

    Alternatively, you may raise a ticket through the support center so we could check your account in detail and we'll be able to provide you some recommendations.

    Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Best regards,



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