Referencing assets from Third Party Systems


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    Stephen Doyle

    I can see you opened a support request about this also and I replied to that yesterday, but for the benefit of others who find this public thread, I've included a similar answer here

    Currently, the public_id of an asset is both part of the delivery URL for the asset (and derived versions of the asset) and also how it's shown in the Media Library:

    There's a long-term project we're undertaking to make it possible to move an asset in the Media Library without changing the URL path at which it's delivered, so this may be possible in the future, and I recommend checking our blog and product updates to learn keep informed about updates on this.

    In the meantime, we recommend storing assets in a folder structure which works for both asset management purposes and media delivery purposes. If you update the asset's public ID, you should also synchronise your database and update the delivery URLs accordingly.

    If your users may rename assets in the Media Library without making corresponding updates to your own systems, one option to automate that is to use HTTP notifications to be informed when the rename happens: )  


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