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    Aleksandar Kostadinov

    Hi Nirbhav,

    Are you sending these API calls from an internal/corporate network or one that may be serving back a different certificate and not the actual one from Cloudinary? Do you get this error when connected to a different network?

    I ask this because the Cloudinary certificate is not self-signed, so the error you are getting indicates that you are receiving a different certificate back rather than the actual one that would cover

    If you go to you will see the certificate chain in the browser and it should be as follows:

    1. * with SHA256 fingerprint - 7F CC FC 10 8E 36 AE 46 D5 43 DD 5C D0 71 7F 7D 3D 6B 5D C1 CE D5 CE 4D 09 0D 75 07 6A 4D 23 8B
    2. Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority - G2 - SHA256 - 97 3A 41 27 6F FD 01 E0 27 A2 AA D4 9E 34 C3 78 46 D3 E9 76 FF 6A 62 0B 67 12 E3 38 32 04 1A A6
    3. Go Daddy Root Certificate Authority - G2 - SHA256 - 45 14 0B 32 47 EB 9C C8 C5 B4 F0 D7 B5 30 91 F7 32 92 08 9E 6E 5A 63 E2 74 9D D3 AC A9 19 8E DA

    You can also download them by opening the certificate in the browser (e.g. via the padlock on Chrome), selecting the certificate and drag and dropping it to a local folder.

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