HTTP 500 when using f_auto on large images



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    Wissam Khalili

    Hi Bruno,

    Once using f_auto with webp, there is a limitation on the dimension size of the image.

    Webp is limited to 16383 pixels width or height

    The image dimension of "edges-fr-MP-1-100.png" is 21 X 28098.

    I would suggest adding some transformation to resize the image, for example:,h_1000,f_auto/v1626469516/edges-fr-MP-1-100.png

    For more details about resizing images, you could find here:



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    Bruno Perel

    Hello Wissam,

    Thank you for your prompt answer, appreciated. So Webp is the limiting factor then, got it.

    In my case I can't afford to resize the images as they would appear pixelated given the viewport on my webpage; but I can add some code to only add f_auto to the URL if the sprite's dimensions (that I know in advance) are small enough.

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