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Swagger docs for Error Responses


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    Stephen Doyle

    Hi James,

    We don't currently have a strict or format set of possible error responses for different operations, though we generally use standard HTTP status codes to indicate the high-level reason of the problem as many other services do (e.g. 400 - problem with the request, 404 - not found, etc). 
    There are some more specific examples in our Admin API documentation here:

    And in our provisioning API documentation here:

    In addition, when making API calls that fail, the response will include an error text, and when accessing an asset's delivery URL that fails, we return an error text in the x-cld-error HTTP header of the response, which can be used to log and display the reason that the asset didn't load

    Also, some of our client SDKs wrap common errors in Exception classes based on the type of error, so you can use the code for those SDKs as further examples of what some of the more common errors are that you may encounter

    If you encounter any error where the text isn't clear about what happened, or it's not clear how to resolve it, you can always open a request for our support team via this site ("Submit a request" on the top of the support homepage) and we'll be happy to assist


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