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Host Media with Cloudinary


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    Stephen Doyle

    Hi Brian,

    We don't currently have a direct integration with Umbraco, but depending on your requirements you may be able to use our API or their API to synchronise assets between your CMS and your Cloudinary account, or write a plugin that does so.

    It may also be possible to replace the delivery URLs for media assets created by Umbraco to reference the same asset from Cloudinary instead, plus adding some transformation options to change the size, format, quality, or perform other transformations to edit the asset to match where you're using it. That's the strategy used by our WordPress plugin, effectively.

    I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the exact steps that would be required because I'm not familiar with their product or how it can be extended via apps or extensions, but I did find this third-party Umbraco module which may help you, and it uses our "Auto Upload" feature:



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