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    Eric Pasos

    Hi Vlad,

    The private download URL was not designed to retrieve a derived version (i.e. with transformations including text overlays), it was only designed to download the original. With that being said, token/cookie-based authentication would be the way to go, which is available for a premium plan (see https://cloudinary.com/documentation/control_access_to_media#token_based_authentication_premium_feature).

    Alternatively, you could upload your image and add the text overlay at the same time, for example (i.e. using Python SDK):

    type = "private",
    {'overlay': {'font_family': "Arial", 'font_size': 50, 'text': "Your dynamic message"}},
    And you can then generate the private download URL (i.e. using the Python SDK):
    cloudinary.utils.private_download_url('sample', 'jpg')

    Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Best regards,


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