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Reports section shows a file that doesn't exist hogging all of the stats



  • Tia Esguerra

    Hi Devin. 

    I can see that the URL is being requested, and our error reports show that the HTTP status code 400 is being returned. This means that the URL is invalid. However, this URL exists somewhere in your application or website, so the requests are being made by your site's visitors. On the 16th of December, this URL was requested 45 times from local host 
    I am only able to see that these requests are being made. I cannot see where they are coming from. So I would advise you to track down which page is making the request and then you can fix that URL. 

    I hope this helps. Let me know if there is anything further I can do to help. 

    Kind Regards, 


  • Devin Gibson

    That helps quite a bit, thank you! :D

    I have a js file that calls up the images from cloudinary sequentially, and the url changes to increase the count each time. It looks like

    "url(" + coupons[count] + ")"

    I do end up getting the right images delivered, but maybe the way it comes together messes up the stats? Is there a way to turn off stat recording for assets that don't exist?

  • Devin Gibson

    It looks like I can generate stats for anything as long as I put it into the URL. This feels like a bug with Cloudinary reporting to me. I can force stats for files like bug.png, secretmessage.jpg, and anything else I want.

  • Eric Pasos

    Hi Devin,

    As the number of requests and bandwidth usages is based on all the requests logs including the failed ones, this is the current behavior of the Media Library Reports page. Also, the report page is mainly used to show top usage/consumption and since there are only a few transactions currently available in your account, those failed requests data are included in the display as well. And, the filtering mechanism to exclude those failed requests data is currently unavailable.

    Hope this helps.


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