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Newbie - need help w. background_removal cloudinary_ai and Integromat


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  • Itay Taragano


    The background_removal parameter indeed needs to be included as part of the upload, unfortunately, I'm not sure it is possible to include customer/advanced parameters such as background_removal as part of the Cloudinary "upload a resource" module in Integromat. However, the good news are that "Upload preset" is possible to be defined there, therefore, I'd recommend you to create a new upload preset in your account (under the Upload settings page), then under "Media analysis and AI", set the "Background removal" as the one of your choice (make sure you're subscribed to the addon from the Add-ons page), then refer to the newly created upload preset in Integromat.

    Note that the background removal add-ons are asynchronous, which means that it could take some time for the background removal process.

    Let me know if this works for you?


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