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Issue with eager transformations erroring out



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    Akshay Joshi

    Hi John,

    From the screenshot you shared it looks like the eager is still processing.

    You can set :eager_notification_url to point to an HTTP URL on your side for receiving notifications when the eager generation is completed.

    Here is the documentation for it:

    If you still face issues you can create a support ticket so that we can look at the logs and pinpoint the problem


  • John Marvstall

    Hi Akshay, thanks so much for your quick response. Is there a better way to deal with video transformations over the 40mb limit on free accounts? I don't seem to ever get a status of anything other than "processing" even after after upload completes, which then causes the 400 errors about "video is too large to process synchronously".

  • John Marvstall

    I'm trying to implement the notification_url but can't get past a 400 error "Notification url parameter is not allowed when using unsigned upload. " even though I have this upload preset set as "Signed" in my account settings. Any idea why this would be?

  • Mo Ip

    Hi John,

    Cloudinary sets an 'online' video transformation limit of 40MB for Free plans and 300 MB for our current paid plans. This is not a limit on the size of videos you can upload into your account but is the maximum size of a video that can be transformed synchronously/on-the-fly.

    For videos larger than this limit you must request that the derived versions are created before they're requested, which we call 'eagerly', and that the processing takes place in the background ('asynchronously'). When using asynchronous eager transformations you can manipulate videos as large as your account's maximum video file size limit.



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