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Multi upload only supports tags


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  • Thomas Gurung

    Hi Shailash,

    Thanks for reaching out. I see you've already opened a ticket directly with us but just wanted to post the relevant details in the public forum as well as it might assist others.

    It's not currently possible to combine all the pages from one pdf to other pdfs with multiple pages. We take the first page and concatenate that.

    You could upload your multi-page pdf to Cloudinary first and then use the pg transformation to specify pages individually and combine them.

    You can use URLs as well, here is an example using Python SDK to show both scenarios mentioned above, you need to include urls and it should work:

    "", ""],

    Regarding the quality, this is something we are aware of it and we are hoping to address this in the near future.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Kind Regards,


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