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Upload large files as chunk upload from android SDK


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    Tamara Yulevich


    There is a `uploadLarge` method for Android which is similar to the Java upload Large. You can see a test sample here:
    Make sure to pass resource_type=video when testing it on a video.

    The following code is an example of a way to upload a video in chunks:

    public String uploadVideoCloudinary(
    @NotNull RecordingUpload recordingUpload,
    @NotNull String objectKey
    ) {
    return MediaManager.get().upload(recordingUpload.getRecordFilename())
    .policy(new UploadPolicy.Builder()
    .backoffCriteria(60000, UploadPolicy.BackoffPolicy.EXPONENTIAL)
    .option("resource_type", "video")
    .option("folder", objectKey)
    .option("public_id", String.valueOf(recordingUpload.getId()))
    .option("overwrite", true)
    .option("connect_timeout", 600000)
    .option("chunk_size", 6000000) 

    Hope this helps.



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