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Java verifySignature is not working



  • Daniel Mendoza

    If you are comparing the notification URL signature, you will need to use `NotificationRequestSignatureVerifier` instead. We have an example here:

    Let me know if this helps.

  • CloudAccount WARDA

    Hi Daniel,


    I tried to use the NotificationRequestSignatureVerifier class but I'm still getting issue when using the validation.


    Here some detail about it:
    Json that I'm receiving:

      "notification_type" : "upload",
      "timestamp" : "2022-05-19T10:41:16+00:00",
      "request_id" : "1178b88ce5f9c4ba4aee963b88f7d053",
      "asset_id" : "bed8fd5b357ce2a2187b0ced8a381400",
      "public_id" : "dev/seecommerce/original/0L7mvEyyQqdNdAk0-111-B",
      "version" : 1652956874,
      "version_id" : "3a4275cc5e70d23e30d88b0d507104a9",
      "width" : 1969,
      "height" : 2953,
      "format" : "jpg",
      "resource_type" : "image",
      "created_at" : "2022-05-19T10:41:14Z",
      "tags" : [
      "bytes" : 1436915,
      "type" : "upload",
      "etag" : "19eae0b54db0c95efb777550e8906773",
      "placeholder" : false,
      "url" : "",
      "secure_url" : "",
      "folder" : "dev/seecommerce/original",
      "access_mode" : "public",
      "original_filename" : "39a590ee-087d-42fc-a118-f336bc7c08f9"

    The timestamp: 1652956879

    The signature: 10587ecf4d87fa9bec132a85ba7ecffddcc7f2fd


    With my secretKey, when I'm using the following Snipped (it's Scala code but It should be easy to understand):

    signatureVerifier <- ZIO.effect(new NotificationRequestSignatureVerifier(cloudinaryAccount.apiSecret.value))
    result <- ZIO.effect(signatureVerifier.verifySignature(body, timestamp, signature))

    I'm getting false as result.
    Am I wrong something? Thanks for the help


    Best regards

  • Francis Tagbo

    Hi there,

    I tried to generate a signature from the data you provided and I was able to get the same value "10587ecf4d87fa9bec132a85ba7ecffddcc7f2fd".

    Are you using some library to parse the response? I think the issue is the spaces and new lines on the body of the response. You could try to use this in the params to sign:

    {"notification_type":"upload","timestamp":"2022-05-19T10:41:16+00:00","request_id":"1178b88ce5f9c4ba4aee963b88f7d053","asset_id":"bed8fd5b357ce2a2187b0ced8a381400","public_id":"dev/seecommerce/original/0L7mvEyyQqdNdAk0-111-B","version":1652956874,"version_id":"3a4275cc5e70d23e30d88b0d507104a9","width":1969,"height":2953,"format":"jpg","resource_type":"image","created_at":"2022-05-19T10:41:14Z","tags":[ ],"bytes":1436915,"type":"upload","etag":"19eae0b54db0c95efb777550e8906773","placeholder":false,"url":"","secure_url":"","folder":"dev/seecommerce/original","access_mode":"public","original_filename":"39a590ee-087d-42fc-a118-f336bc7c08f9"}

    Let me know how it goes.



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