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cloudinary + IPFS



  • Zachary Gould

    Hey there, 

    I would suggest looking into our official documentation for Media Optimizer, to get a better feel for functionality and to find details on how to set up your account. Currently, if you want to use the MO, you'll need to create a new cloud. 

    After checking out our documentation if you still have any questions I would suggest sending support@cloudinary an email with all specific details of your account and what you would like to accomplish.

    Hope this helps

  • Chris Zakharoff

    Hi Nick,

    This integration can also be done via the fetch protocol of your standard Cloudinary account, assuming fetch is enabled for your account, naturally.  And you're spot on: This integration let's you keep the master file hosted in IPFS while letting Cloudinary fetch a derivative of the asset locally and apply the full list of Cloudinary custom transformations for web or app use.  This means your NFTs can remain immutable and hosted indefinitely in a peer-to-peer fashion, while creating a web-ready derivative for application use (ie marketplace).  Here's an example of the syntax; just be sure to replace the [yourCloudName] placeholder with your own Cloudinary account cloudname:[yourCloudName]/image/fetch/w_500,ar_1,r_max/e_outline,co_red/q_auto,f_auto/ipfs://Qmc8mmzycvXnzgwBHokZQd97iWAmtdFMqX4FZUAQ5AQdQi



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