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IP Whitelisting for Smartly to fetch MPF images


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  • Stephen Doyle

    Hi Ramy,

    Unless you have a paid Cloudinary account and specifically asked us to block requests from specific IPs or are using some of our Access Control features to limit access to your assets, we don't implement any blocking of requests for your assets on our side.

    If a third-party system is unable to retrieve assets from your account, I recommend checking if a specific reason or error was shown in that system. A possibility is that the other system requires you to encode some characters in the URL which don't need to be encoded elsewhere (for example, some of Google's tools require encoding commas as %2C) - if so, adding that encoding may resolve the issue.

    If you can't see the details of any failing requests yourself, you can also contact us directly with an example URL and the error you were shown and we can help to check it for you from our side



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