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Unable to add an existing user


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  • Eric Pasos

    Hi Jonathan,

    It's not possible to add a user to an account if there's already a Cloudinary account registered with the email address that you entered.

    Before you can be added to your main account, there's a need to change the email address associated with their existing account (including if the other account is disabled, because it's possible to re-enable a disabled account later).

    The fastest solution could be, if possible, to update your existing Cloudinary account to use another email address (regardless of whether you want to keep that account active or disable it).

    Alternatively, if your email service supports aliases, you could add an alias to the email address used to manage their existing account, (For example: ) or you can update the email to a personal email address if you have one.

    Once you've changed the email address associated with the existing account, you'll be able to add your email address to the main account.

    Hope that helps and please let me know if you have any further questions.


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