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    Wissam Khalili

    Hi there,

    The arrows are called navigation buttons in the product gallery widget.
    There are 3 options: none, always, and mouseover.
    See here the details:

    In addition, you could play with the option on the following demo page:

    Hope you fins it useful.





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    ilike freeyoutube

    It doesnt work

    I said full screen photos like Pop up   zoomProps: {
        type: "popup",
        steps: 3,
        level: 1.3,
        navigation: "always", when i press on the zoomed one i cant switch

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    Hey ilike,

    We have an open ticket with you and will continue the conversation on that end. However, we will submit a feature request to add the ability to navigate forward/back through the Product Gallery Widget while the popup zoom is enabled. This is not a current default behavior that the Product Gallery Widget supports. We will send more information in the ticket you have open with our support team, thank you!

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