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m4a transformation on the fly limit


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  • Wissam Khalili

    Hi Emmanuel,

    In general, in order to help debug Cloudinary URLs, the response for failed requests includes a header called X-Cld-Error which provides more information on why the request was not successful. If you inspect the X-Cld-Error response in this example URL you'll see the following:

    X-Cld-Error: Video is too large to process synchronously, please use an eager transformation with eager_async=true to resolve

    Cloudinary sets an 'online' video transformation limit of 40MB for Free plans and 300 MB for our current paid plans. This is not a limit on the size of videos you can upload to your account but is the maximum size of a video that can be transformed synchronously/on-the-fly.

    For videos larger than this limit you must request that the derived versions are created before they're requested, which we call 'eagerly', and that the processing takes place in the background ('asynchronously'). When using asynchronous eager transformations you can manipulate videos as large as your account's maximum video file size limit.

    Part of the reason that this limit exists is that transforming/transcoding large videos can take significantly longer than smaller videos and there can be a long delay before the first request for the video receives a response, and requests may time out before it finishes processing. If your application needs to know when the derived video is ready, you can use the 'eager_notification_url' parameter and we'll send a request to your server when the requested transformations have been completed, and you can use this to update your system state and start using the newly transformed/derived video.

    Eager transformations can be requested for new videos in the upload API call or configured in an upload preset, including an upload preset that is used when you upload to Media Library.
    For existing videos, you can request eager transformations via the explicit API method.
    Once the video is transformed eagerly/asynchronously it will be available via the URL as normal.

    In order to check your specific account, could you please open a ticket directly to our Support through this form:




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