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Invalid encoding in transformation



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    Akshay Joshi

    Hi Omkar,

    We support a wide variety of standard web fonts on all accounts, including a selection of the most popular fonts hosted by [Google Fonts](, and we add more fonts on a regular basis. We don't have a searchable list of currently supported fonts but if a font you wish you use isn't already available you can use that font in your transformations by uploading it to your account as a custom font.

    To add a custom font to your account you must first purchase a license from the font creator for the font you wish to use,  where applicable. The fonts distributed by Google Fonts, for example, are open-source and free to use without a license.

    You can then upload the font file to your account, using `resource_type: 'raw'` and `type: 'authenticated'`. This protects the font file from being downloaded by users but will allow you to use the font in your transformations.

    For more information about using custom fonts, please refer to the following link:

  • omkar parab

    Bhava, I know how to manually upload the custom font and I've already done that but at the time of applying the text layer, it is giving me a "Invalid encoding in transformation" error.

  • Thomas Gurung

    Hi Omkar,

    Thanks for getting back.

    Can you confirm the custom font was uploaded as resourcek_type:raw and type:authenticated per ?

    Please also send the full URL you are getting the error from.

    Kind Regards,


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