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How to delete images with the same delivery type?


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  • Tia Esguerra

    Hi there,

    Thanks so much for reaching out. 

    If you want to delete multiple assets at the same time, you can use the delete resources method of the Admin API. If the assets you want to delete are of the same structure as the URL you shared, you could pass as the prefix to the delete_resources_by_prefix method. Note that the default type is upload, so if these are fetched images, you will also need to pass the type parameter and set that to fetch.

    So an example of what that might look like is as follows:

        .delete_resources_by_prefix("", {
            type: "fetch",
        .then((result) => console.log(result))
        .catch((error) => console.error(error));

    You can reference the documentation here on the delete resources method of the Admin APi:

    I hope this helps. If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask.

    Kind Regards,



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