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How does using DPR differ from setting multiplied dimension values?



  • VersionPress Team

    Hi, is it possible to tell Cloudinary to only increase the size / resolution if the image is physically capable of it?

    For example, let's say I have a 1000px wide image; when asked for `w_1000,dpr_2.0`, Cloudinary will return a 2000px wide image. Is there a parameter that would give me just that 1000px version if that's the largest we have?

  • Erwin Lukas


    This is a good scenario where it's unnecessary to upscale the original image as it will not improve the quality of the image and will also increase the size of the image.
    In order to avoid transformed image larger than the original image, you can set crop to limit. You can read more about it in our documentation.


    Hope this helps but let me know if you have further question.

  • VersionPress Team

    Fantastic, thank you!


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