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Search by metadata fields



  • Maor Gariv

    Sorry for the very late reply, we have noticed that this request was left unattended. I guess this is not relevant anymore but for future reference -

    You can browse all your resources using the Admin API and to set the context parameter to true. it will return the custom metadata of each image so you'll be able to filter.

    Please refer to this article we've written about browsing all of your resources -

    You can extract the metadata of an image by setting the image_metadata flag to true. The search is currently not supported, but you can achieve this option by using the Admin API browsing capabilities and the metadata information of each image.

    If you require any further assistance, please open a support ticket and we'll be happy to help you in your implementation.



  • Aleksey

    This is not relevant any more (asked almost a year ago), but thanks anyway.


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