Is cloudinary free tier suitable for an e-commerce store


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    Hi Zayed


    The calculation you did is accurate in the sense that if a user goes through the entire site which holds 500 images all of which weigh 8 MB then one user would consume 4 GB of bandwidth.


    On almost all cases images don't weigh that much. In addition, applying Cloudinary's optimization would reduce the weight of images considerably, so even if the original weighs 8 MB the delivered images would be considerably less so and on many cases would be several KB - but that depends on the image itself. 

    Another thing to note is that users don't usually traverse the entire site and load all images. Even in the case where only one page would populate many mages, these would be optimized images which weigh considerably less.


    The best way to actually test the service is to star with the free plan. See how the service fits your use case, and how much bandwidth is actually being consumed in a small test case, and see if that would work for you.


    By the way, you could read more about how we calculate each quota in the link below:


    Let me know if that makes sense?

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